Experienced Guidance For New York Business Transactions

Last updated on February 16, 2021

Serving New York, Staten Island, the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Many factors contribute to the success of a business. From the initial entity selection to the creation of bylaws to drafting the appropriate vendor agreements — all of these are important to creating a successful business model and protecting your investment.

Partnering With An Experienced Legal Team

Since 1992, Tane Waterman & Wurtzel, P.C., has handled business transactions for small, medium and large size entities located all throughout the five boroughs of New York. All of our lawyers have extensive negotiation and litigation experience in business, real estate law and more.

Helping You Choose The Right Entity

Our attorneys have helped many people looking to start a business select an entity geared toward protecting their interests in both the short and long term. We possess the experience needed to determine whether an LLC, partnership, corporation or any other business structure is right for you and your situation.

Handling Day-To-Day Matters

Whether you are looking for an experienced business law firm equipped to handle employment contracts, third-party agreements, partnership agreements, commercial leases, merger or acquisition contracts — our lawyers have handled them all.

Addressing Business Disputes

Our team has also resolved a wide range of business disputes. Through tough negotiations or aggressive litigation, we have resolved disputes involving breach of contract, co-op foreclosure, landlord-tenant disagreements and evictions, and more.

Personalized Service For Your Unique Business Plan

Contact our firm to find out how we can help. Since each situation and every business goal is unique, we always pursue a personalized solution that is right for you and your circumstances.

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