In the wake of Hurricane Ida, we are reminded of the importance of flood insurance

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Two weeks, Hurricane Ida ripped through our country with tremendous force. Hurricane Ida was a serious, deadly storm that killed and displaced many in its path. In fact, by the time the storm reached us, Ida was still taking lives in the Northeast, days after it hit ground in Louisiana, long after most storms would have lost much of their force.


First, our hearts go out to those who have suffered such great loss at this time, and our condolences to those whose loved ones have died as a result of Hurricane Ida.

In the aftermath of a storm like this, as we focus on cleaning up and trying to put our lives back together, we are reminded of the importance of protecting our property.

Insurance after a disaster

Most Americans look first to their insurance companies to compensate us for damages after a hurricane or other natural disaster. However, many people are surprised to learn that their general homeowners’ policies will not cover floods and damages from hurricanes and other natural disasters.

Too many people find out too late that their insurance does not cover the damages that result from hurricanes and floods and that they needed a separate flood insurance policy.

Flood insurance

For adequate protection against hurricane flood damage, insurance providers offer various flood and disaster insurance policies. A policy like this provides a better degree of security and coverage for the cost of replacing and repairing your home.

Individual homeowners as well as property managers and board members of cooperatives and condomininums should make sure they have adequate insurance to protect their residents and their financial investments.  The flood insurance held by the cooperative or condominium may not cover the loses to your personal items and may only contribute towards some of the rebuilding and clean up.