Board Members Who Are Lawyers, A Delicate Balancing Act

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There are many attorneys who serve on their co-op or condo board and are often asked by their fellow board members for their legal opinion on a matter. Since law school, we have been trained that we are attorneys 24 hours a day, seven days a week so we are often tempted to give the board our legal opinion. I served as president of my condominium board for four years and found myself in that situation many times. However, to avoid potential conflicts and legal liability, for legal opinions I would always turn to my condominium’s attorney, Evan Gitter of Cohen, Warren, Meyer & Gitter for his advice.

Evan and I recently sat down for a discussion with Habitat Magazine as to the appropriate balance for a lawyer serving as a board member and acting as the building’s lawyer. With Habitat Magazine’s generous permission, the article can be accessed by clicking the picture to the right.

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