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Managing a tenant's security deposit

Owning and leasing commercial or residential properties in New York can be a great investment. It can also, however, bring with it certain stresses, such as having to collect rent and ensuring that your tenants do not cause any damages. You can protect yourself in both regards by collecting a security deposit as a condition of a lease. Yet as many of those that we here at Tane Waterman & Wurtzel, P.C. can attest to, issues regarding the management of security deposits can often be the source of landlord-tenant disputes. Thus, you should know exactly what the law requires of you in this regard in order to avoid such tensions. 

Basics of mechanics liens

If you are a contractor in New York, you understand the risk you face when you agree to perform work for a residential customer. You might complete the work but the homeowner might choose for whatever reason not to pay you. In some cases, they might pay you some of what is owed but not the full amount. These are situations in which the presence of a mechanics lien may be very beneficial for you.

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