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Terminating contracts for convenience

Developers in New York will typically jump at the opportunity to bid on government contracts. This is likely due to assumption that such agreements tend to more stable than those made with private entities. While government agencies may offer their partners a greater sense of security, that does not necessarily mean that a contract with such an organization is always ironclad. On the contrary, government agencies are afforded special privileges when it comes to managing contractual agreements

Ice cream parlor ownership at issue in lawsuit

The landlords of New York properties may hope that the relationships they share with their tenants will eventually evolve into friendships. Feeling such closeness may make the business matters inherent with their relationships to become mere formalities. Yet such arrangements are often not possible, especially when dealing with commercial properties. The complexities of operating a business often require tenants to ask a lot of their landlords, or may even prompt them to renegotiate their agreements to reflect changes with their companies. In such a situation, handling matters informally may inevitably lead to disputes. 

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